Alpine Gold

The Alpine Gold project is a good expression of how technical some home builds can get. For this Reno, NV kitchen remodel, our client’s son in law had already drawn up plans and completed the design work, our Reno home builders  just needed to execute. We specced all the materials and components for the build and got to work.

In the first phase of construction, we pulled an existing brick fireplace. Removal required re-engineering and checking beam placement. We then opened up the entire kitchen to create space for a breakfast bar and bench seating.

We then moved on to the cabinetry work of this kitchen remodel project of Reno, NV. This is where things became exceedingly technical as the build designs called for all kinds of interesting angles. To build the island, we had a master cabinet builder mock up some of the components off-site before installation.

For finishes, our Reno home builders installed an array of decorative and functional lighting including numerous can lights, decorative pendants and even under cabinet LED strip lighting. Other finishes include neolith countertops with mitered edges, porcelain tile flooring, and electric floor heaters. We also replaced all of the kitchen windows and added neolith sills.